10 Hazardous Locations People ACTUALLY Travel to!


Published on March 18th, 2015 | by ttn in Travel

I can understand the need for a good thrill, but what really boggles my mind is how people can go to places like these, places that are clearly dangerous, and act like it’s all good. Whether you think they’re brave, or stupid, here are 10 hazardous locations people travel to.

1. Mount Huashuan

mount-huashuan - Copy


Let’s see here, near-vertical stairs? Check. Terrifying walkways that could crumble at a moment’s notice? Check. All of this, and it also just so happens to be known as one of the most dangerous places in the region. Great, have fun then!

2. Aukland Sky Tower

sky-tower - Copy


What possesses someone to climb 630 feet up into the air, only to bungee jump off into thin air. I suppose adrenaline is one reason, but I get a pretty good kick out of going sixty on the highway, so I don’t see the need to leap off of the largest structure south of the equator. Just saying.

3. Trolltunga

trolltunga - Copy


With a name that translates to “Troll Tongue” in English, I can think of more attractively named locations to visit in my travels. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from venturing to the cliff’s edge and, you know, just hanging out.

4. Kjeragbolten

Kjeragbolten - Copy


There’s nothing terribly special about this location. It really is just a rock stock between two cliffs. Even so, people still come stand on it, as if gravity is never going to realize its error.

5. Yungas

yungas-road - Copy


Again, we have a nickname for something you should probably stay away from. “The Road of Death” is a very narrow, very poorly maintained stretch of area that has attracted more people since it gained the reputation of being deadly.

6. Cliffs of Moher

cliffs-of-moher - Copy


Most famous for their appearance as the “Cliffs of Insanity” in the Princess Bride, these cliffs are chosen by bikers as a place to test out their skills and possibly their fear of heights.

7. Huayna-Picchu

huyana-picchu - Copy


You know, the view from the summit of Huayna-Picchu, I’m told, is spectacular. Getting there is extremely difficult though as you’ll have to climb up steep trails, staircases, and plenty other scary paths. Also, this guy in the picture above. Seriously dude?

8. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

devils-pool - Copy


I’m all for a great picture, but this is one that people have died trying to capture. For some reason, people like to pose on the waterfall’s edge. Sure, it’s a great picture, but come on!

9. Arctic Cliff Face

arctic-cliff-face - Copy

Just hanging around

Just. Camp. On. The. GROUND! Seriously, why do we need to set up shop hundreds of feet in the air? I suppose it keeps you away from bears, but if you roll in your sleep, this is going to be a short trip.

10. El Caminito Del Rey

little-pathway-of-the-king - Copy


Okay, this isn’t so bad. It’s just called the “little pathway of the king.” Oh wait, it was built in 1905 and it’s had little to no repairs done on it since then. Three words: It’s not safe. Still, people are all over it like white on rice.

There’s some crazy people out there, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. Are you into crazy risks like these? Share this list with your friends and see what they think!

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